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Friday, September 30, 2011

go to karamuchosakura.blogspot.com !!:)

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Autumn to Winter

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's too cold!!! I'm typing this while i'm still in my blanket. huhu
It's 7 deg and i only have one small heater beside me. I'll get a new one tomorrow. yay!!
This month i spents a lot on winter stuff : heater, winter jacket, blanket etc.
Year 2009 has almost come to the end. I just realized that i've been in japan for 9 months and i don't really feel it's special being here except for travelling around with friends. With little time and money of course everything is limited.
For me, every day is almost the same. Go to university in the morning, get back home by 6, do homework, sleep 3 to 5 hours per day. On Saturday, i treat myself by shopping alone at Ikebukuro or go out with some friends. Sunday: wake up late, do reports.
My exam will on 19th Jan, but i have English exam on this 21st Dec, small test for Production Eng and Combustion Eng, both on 14th Jan.
I finished watching Love Shuffle yesterday. A very nice romantic, comedy drama. I knew Didie watched it because of Tamaki Hiroshi but i watched it because of Matsuda Shota. hehe
So, this Christmas, no holiday for me. I can go out if I want to but i know i have to sacrifice for my own sake.
This song, is not a new song actually. I don't like it at first but i love it now! They are Rain's trainees. So, if you see them, it's like you're watching 5 dancing Rains.
The guy in the middle(with the ripped clothes), his name is Lee Joon. He plays younger version of Rain in his new movie, Ninja Assassin. Check out, it' s a new brand, MBLAQ!


{12:48 PM}

Fantastic, Elastic

Monday, October 19, 2009

New song from cute lil brothers. Haha.
This song is so addictive. Like their new concept - 180deg from last one.


{11:01 PM}


Saturday, October 17, 2009

I felt like cursing yesterday bcoz i had another再レポfor the third time! Yeah, yeah. whatever.

ok. to another topic. Thanks Rai. I really enjoyed The Proposal n Malcolm in the Middle. I started to like her acting since Miss Congeniality. Who's the guy in that movie anyway? huhu...nvrmind.
About the layout, I like the header but the the entries column is too small right? I gave on editing the html already.
I went to Didie's 学園祭last week with Wawa n Rai. Too bad we're too late and we missed didie's ライブ。Some people performed Digimon's Theme Song! How did i knew it's digimon's song? I used to be an amateur class otaku. Never missed cartoons on Saturday n Sunday mornings. Well, Didie's Uni is very nice, too different from mine. Hehe.

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{2:27 PM}

updates: summer, raya

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorry people. I really want to update my blog but i just don't have the MOOD.
Summer holiday was great! I had fun staying at Osaka for a week.
Thanks Z! but i don't really think of going there again for the second time in SUMMER. Panas giler. Too bad Didie didn't join us.
Me n my friends went to Universal Studio Japan. Since it was holiday, there were toooo many people. I don't really like the crowd but i enjoyed the rides esp the roller coaster. Scary!
Then, we went to Kyoto (Meen's house), stayed for 1 night, had fun at Kyoto Movie Village n Kyoto Tower and back to Osaka.

Back from Osaka, went to Didie n Rai's house. It was the beginning of fasting month. We didn't go anywhere.

Later, Didie, Wawa n Fiza n Z came to my house. I took part in Youth Symposium. There are students from China, Korea n Japan. Students from China n Korea are majored in Japanese Lang. and Japanese are all from 実践女子大学。I like to meet other people who are from different background than mine but i hate the discussion session. They are nice people but can't they make everything simple? Sorry, I'm an engineering student so i don't like the same things to be repeated over and over again. Youth Symposium ended on the 5th of Sept. We exchanged email adds, phone no but nobody contact me since then except for a person. huhu...

My birthday: thanks Didie, Wawa, Fizah, Z n Tengku. Walaupun kt kedai tabehodai, xkan ku lupekan. Didie, thanks for the Karamucho n the snacks! Thanks to ibu, ayah for the lovely birthday present and card. (i still think that i'm still 20yrs old. 21? officially an adult...? can't believe it)

I stayed at home for the rest of my summer holidays, doing my machine drawings. My class started on 14th. I take 13 subjects for this semester. Why so many?
1. i took only 7 subjects last sem bcoz most of subjects on materials are in this sem
2. not enough credit hour
3. i feel insecure. my result for the examination was NOT good
4. i want to fill up my time (i was too free last semester and i ended up feeling relax all the time = i didn't study hard enough)

Next, Hari Raya@nihon. For the first time i felt that fasting month ended so fast. Raya at Malaysia Embassy in Shibuya was not bad. Tp x mcm raya pun. Next year's raya is gonna be in Summer holiday but i don't think i'll be going home.
2nd day: Went to Mt. Takao in Hachioji. There were to many people and we went there quite late so we didn't go in the Trick Art Museum and climbed Mt. Takao only half way. Got back at Rai's house, took my stuff and off to Wawa's house in Ikuta.
3rd day: Pergi Shopping with Wawa at Machida.
4th day: Home

It's gonna be a longgggg time for the next holiday. Christmas hols : Korea trip is off. I can't go!

P/s: I want to change my layouts but i'm sooo busy right now. (just the first week, tons of reports!)

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{10:10 PM}

exam + summer hols

Friday, August 7, 2009

blogger の皆さん!お元気ですか?
yay..exam's finally over.やっぱり、JADの試験とぜんぜん違うよね!すげぇ難しかった!
I did my best so just gonna wait for the result.
life's just too painful these days. 試験がうまくできなかったし…夏休みなのに、製図の水平面図を再提出になった。i got no money, but i'm still going for summer hols trip and i also bought myself a new camera today. huhu
I'll be going to Osaka next week. too bad, didie's not going together with us but we'll wait for u ^^hehe

p/s: to korea trip buddies ---> rai, meen, didie n wawa : we'll discuss about the matter later 'kay! iqbal : seems like you're the only guy(organizer) just wait till we need you v'o'v

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{9:38 PM}

ToHoShiNki's 1st Japanese CM

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Enjoy! ^_^

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